Commercial Road Base & Landscaping

Bryan Rock offers a wide variety of crushed limestone products with many commercial applications. Crushed Limestone has long been the product of choice for contractors and design engineers.

Because limestone is 100% crushed, it has an angular shape that causes friction between particles, giving it superior strength over traditional sand, gravel or recycled material. Engineers will often spec limestone because they are able to use less material and achieve equal or greater strength than sand and gravel. The nature of the angular rock also allows for drainage while sill providing solid compaction.

A quick glance at a few Bryan Rock products includes road base used in driveways, parking lots and heavy road construction. Clean rock produced in various sizes is used in the production of asphalt, cement and seal coating. Agriculture lime (Ag Lime) used in the agriculture industry to spread on the field, neutralizing the ph level of the soil to promote better plant growth. Ag Lime is also used in the building of horse arenas and as a bedding material for livestock. Bryan Rock is sure to have a limestone product to fit your needs.

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"We converted to Red Ball Diamond Aggregate in 1987 and since then the use of another product has never been a question." – Director, Parks and Rec. City of Hudson, Wisconsin

Ball Diamond Aggregate

Bryan Rock also specializes in Red Ball Diamond Aggregate and supplies it to thousands of ball diamonds nationwide.

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