Ball Field Aggregate

Have you ever wondered what that RED STUFF on baseball and softball diamonds is? Welcome to the home of Red Ball Diamond Aggregate or R.B.D.A.. This highly specialized product is a finely crushed dolomitic limestone, mined in Shakopee, Minnesota.

These are a few reasons why RBDA has become a favorite for many universities, cities, counties, parks and schools throughout the upper midwest and nationwide.

Ball Players Love It

  • Never slick or slimy when wet
  • Doesn't get hard when dry
  • Fast to run on
  • Balls play smooth and easily
  • Red color makes it easy to see the ball

Groundskeepers Prefer It

  • Excellent drainage
  • Low maintenance
  • Quick & easy installation

So the next time you see that RED STUFF, remember this unique red ball diamond aggregate is crushed from 100% limestone and is available only from Bryan Rock Products, Inc., home of Red Ball Diamond Aggregate.

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"We converted to Red Ball Diamond Aggregate in 1987 and since then the use of another product has never been a question." – Director, Parks and Rec. City of Hudson, Wisconsin

Bryan Rock Commercial Product

Bryan Rock also offers a variety of crushed limestone products with many commercial applications & uses.

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